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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

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It puzzles me as to why people think it essential they  replace their software immediately it loses manufacturer support.

My copy of IDImager has not self destructed or ceased to work. It's still doing the excellent job that it always has and I see no reason to consider any alternative.

I've looked at 'Photo Supreme' as an alternative, but my initial impression is I do not like the UI, although further investigation may modify my opinion. I think the "discount" upgrade price is a cynical way of extracting more hard-earned cash from IDImager supporters. As far as I'm concerned there's no reason to stop using IDImager for the foreseeable future, since it's the best tool for  labelling, organising and cataloging my images. I've taken a quick look at some of the alternative DAM programs suggested here (mostly the free ones), but my impression is that they appear to vary between cumbersome and unworkable in their application.

While I agree with your reasoning... there are a number of reasons to start looking for new software:

  1. new cameras will not be supported (ie: RAW formats, metadata)
  2. bugs will not be corrected (and there are still many out there)
  3. no enhancements of course... (I was hoping for a long list of them!)
  4. behind the curve? - I like to stay current with the software I use... as other move on, the user to user support will diminish as well.

Sure - the software will not decay on your machine... but... will you say the same in a year?  I've been using LR more and more and while it isn't ideal for keywording... it is amazingly fast to find image, filter them, create smart galleries and of course, professionally edit, print and create galleries all in a package that has tons of user support.  The icing on the cake is the new GPS module.. while again, not ideal, is way ahead of Idimager's user provided script.

Just my 2 cents...

Before IDImager, I was a long time user of IMatch, which worked fine with basic data, but the XMP editor was a nightmare to use. I just went back to their site and despite all their promises of a new version, it's still the same old thing that I gave up on about three years ago. One of the main reasons I switched to IDImager was because of the much more user friendly interface when it comes to adding metadata, title, description, keywords etc. My initial impression with Photo Supreme is that the UI has taken a step back, although I'm going to work with it for a little longer before making a decision. I'm still of the opinion that PhotoSupreme is a cynical way of extracting more ca$h from the exisiting IDI user base - the update "discount" is hardly generous. They are unlikely to get any more money from me.

I'm afraid I cannot see that any of your reasons to change are valid. The database is not camera dependent, it's merely a database of files (and they don't even need to be picture files). Provided codecs are available for any new raw formats, to display previews, there's no reason why new file formats will not be supported, and the metadata format is already defined, so any changes to that will be minimal. I don't have any problems with the 'bugs' that you have, and I cannot think of any enhancements that I would like incorporated. Of course, if you are one of the people that must have the "latest thing" then you'll never be satisfied. For my part, I'm quite happy to use a program that I'm comfortable and familiar with and is stable in operation.

I've looked at a few of the alternatives that have been suggested above, but so far I'm not impressed with anything.

I'm happy you like the program and will continue to use it... new cameras come with new RAW formats - which aren't supported in the software.  You can't "download a codec" to use the recipes in the program if they aren't in the program to begin with.  Also, if new camera specific metadata is added or modified, then the software won't know what to do with it.

IMatch NG is ready for beta testing (I've already seen it and it is quite nice).   Supreme is a different product altogether - and a smart marketing move.  It's at least 75% faster than idi but it is missing a large number of items that I feel are rather important to the average user (GPS).  However, see the recent discussion in Idi forums for more info - I agree with someone that posted about the user base of DAM software... I bet you would be hard pressed to find 2% of camera users who actually manage their photos - most just thrown them in their "My Pictures" folder and never look at them again... share with facebook.. print at walmart still.

I don't need to have the latest thing... just like to use software that is supported and being kept up to date.  I think you'll find the majority of users agree as the forums seem to be full of folks moving on to something else.. supreme or other..

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