Could Sony add a liquid crystal circular polarising layer to the mirror?

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Re: circular polarising layer to the mirror? how about ND???

scotbot wrote:

And from the SLT mirror point of view it makes no sense. Sony didn't put a lot of research into making the mirror as slim as possible just to add some kind of stuff that gets barely used and enhances the problems the mirror is causing by a great deal.

What I'd like to see is some kind of filter mount inside the bayonet. It would seal the camera against dust, require one filter for all lenses and the filters could be much smaller. Highend models could have some kind of mount able to rotate so that you can use polarizers. You could even move the IR filter into that mount and have comfortable IR photography.

This is such an absurd idea - you have to remove the lens to change or adjust the filter? Come on...

Where is the difference to the SLT mirror approach? It is more flexible and easier to realize. This would not meant to be used every 5 seconds.

You didn't really think about a polarizer inside the body that has to be turned manually, did you?

Think about an IR filter mounted inside the bayonet. You could switch to IR photography in no time. At least if you're fine with manual focus (or maybe contrast af).

In the end the normal approach of screwing or mounting filters on top of the lens is the most cost-efficient and the usability is good enough. I didn't really think about it yet but the orientation of the image plane could render the idea of putting a filter behind the lens for most of them useless anyway.

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