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Re: A99 price is cheaper than the A900.

Michaels7 wrote:

And you failed in grasping my point. Take the blinders off. D600 is not a "similar matched camera." Similar matched would be the camera specs. The only way to compare the Nikon price is to dumb down the A99 to a A95 with less bells and whistles. A99 is more like the D800 and D6.

If by D6 you mean 6D, you are all confused. First of all, the D800 is far superior to the a99. The 6D is stripped down even more than the D600, it has 1 xtype focus point. 1 . You can't with a straight face, compare any of these three cameras with eachother as they are either vastly different in spec or price. All we know for sure is the sony is the most expensive, and the 6D is the poorest specd.

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