>>>42 Weekly OLYMPUS FT 4/3 DSLR PHOTOS Only

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19andrew47 wrote:

Nice series.  Love that lens and wish my E-3 would self morph into an E-5.  That is a long way to go to hear and see pipers.  I assume that was not the purpose of the trip.  Nothing much beats a pipe band playing Amazing Grace, but that is just my opinion.

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FYI, in case you did not know, for future reference, if you select the very first post in the thread and click on relpy then your post will appear after the last image post by itself and replies to the previous image will appear in order under that post, for those who view in thread view.

Also, in the header for the post, please change the title by deleting Weekly Olympus FT 4/3 Thread etc. and replacing that with a suitable title. Thanks!


I live close to where they held the event, so not too long of a haul. BTW thanks for the information above. Didn't know how that worked


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