Can i take a high-speed burst of shots with my D7000 and the ML L3 IR Remote?

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Re: Can i take a high-speed burst of shots with my D7000 and the ML L3 IR Remote?

mr_fishbulb wrote:

Hi all,

Want to take one of those shots where a drop of water drips into a glass and you capture it splashing.

I have a D7000 with a couple of 1.8 primes (35 and 50) which should be up to the job. I've also got an IR remote trigger so was thinking of setting off a high speed burst of multiple shots as I drip some water.

Where do I start?


I dont think you can do it with the IR remote.  I think the best you can do with that is the interval shooting...
I'd recomment getting radio triggers like the Yongnuo RF603n.  I have 4 of them and they're awesome.  (no af-assist or ttl but they're cheap!)
They come with all the cables you need and you can press it half way to focus and the rest of the way to shoot. 
You basically set the camera up how you want it and press the button on the trigger.  So in your case, probably Continusous high, manual focus/exposure, etc...  then just push the button.  I dont know if theres a lag, but thats easy to figure out and compensate for...
Hope this helps.

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