Could Sony add a liquid crystal circular polarising layer to the mirror?

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Re: circular polarising layer to the mirror? how about ND???

scotbot wrote:

Then we would have to find some other material. None of us are material scientists working at the cutting edge of science so we don't know whether or not it is possible. Sony on the other hand, are.

You're sure? You don't have to be one of those cutting edge guys to see things coming. There is some serious fundamental research necessary to make such a "magic mirror" happen. And there are A LOT of application where this stuff is going to be used before it's good enough for the consumer  camera industry where even 80% efficiency might not be good enough.

It has to be really cheap to be any good in any camera. It does not add any new functionality but enhances something well established (and not used very often) a little bit.

And from the SLT mirror point of view it makes no sense. Sony didn't put a lot of research into making the mirror as slim as possible just to add some kind of stuff that gets barely used and enhances the problems the mirror is causing by a great deal.

What I'd like to see is some kind of filter mount inside the bayonet. It would seal the camera against dust, require one filter for all lenses and the filters could be much smaller. Highend models could have some kind of mount able to rotate so that you can use polarizers. You could even move the IR filter into that mount and have comfortable IR photography.

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