How weatherproof is the E-M5?

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I do believe the problem is

that you kept your camera under your raincoat. It may sound counter intuitive but the weathersealing is actually better when exposed to rain than it is being saturated in humid air without ventilation.

Do note that the camera is weatherproof not air tight! This means that surrounding air will get into the camera and air from inside the camera will get out again. Keeping your camera in hot humid conditions without the possibility to ventilate (like under your raincoat) will draw moist air into the camera where the only option is to condensate leaving water inside the camera. This is not an error of the sealing as the water was in gaseous form when entering and the sealing is for water in liquid form (at close to 1bar) So what you should have done was kept the camera out in the rain, it would have stayed drier inside.

I know it is of little comfort getting this information now. But hopefully others will read it and learn. So do the counter intuitive. Keep the camera in the rain not under your raindcoat!

The good old advice about electronics and condensation still apply, do not use the camera directly after taking it from cold outside to warm inside (or vice versa) also fog and mist are more dangerous to your electronics than rain!

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