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Re: The perfect travel camera (SZ-30MR battery)

Paul T. wrote:

Ross A wrote:

Hello Everyone. I'm new to the dpreview forums.

I just received a Olympus SZ-30MR as a gift. I have noticed that the battery life seems to be very short. I'm lucky if I can get 100 shots before the battery dies. It's the 925MA battery supplied with the camera. This seems to be the only disappointment with the camera so far. It's a great P&S camera and the zoom lense works very well with the image stabilization. I also like the size of the camera for carrying it around.  Is there a menu setting I can change to help conserve battery life?



Welcome to dpreview Ross.

The LI50B battery isn't that great for powering what is quite a power draining camera, especially when you're using video.  However, there are many perfectly good and inexpensive OEM batteries available and I always make sure that I've got at least one fully charged spare battery with me (I bought three spares!).

It's a small price to pay for having such an interesting camera.  (On the SZ31-MR there is a Power Save setting in Menu 2 which can turn the monitor off if the camera is not used for 10 seconds or so - it comes back on if you press any button).


Thanks for the welcome and response Paul.

I decided to pick up a second battery at my local Japan camera store. They had a ZE-LI50B 3.7V 1400mAh 5.2Wh battery for my camera.  It's manufactured by Zeikos. I'll give it a trial run this weekend when I have some time. I found a power save feature for the screen under the menu system. Thanks for the help.


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