Nikon D600 Grip MB-d14

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Re: Nikon D600 Grip MB-d14

Gosman wrote:

I'll never understand why people buy a camera that is known for it light weight and small footprint, and they buy and put a large grip on it?

You've obvioulsy never heard the concept of:  shooting for a job in wedding, action, sports, and having a vertical grip makes shooting in portrait mode much easier and quicker.  I.e. functional reaons.

And if one wants to shoot with the camera in a smaller footprint, you can simply remove the battery grip.  How hard is that?!

Also try shooting with a smaller body like the D600 with a larger lens like the 24-70 f2.8 or larger (70-200 f2.8, etc)  it becomes awkwardly unbalanced and front heavy, especially when you are shooting on the go and running around w the camera (again, action sports and wedding photography) and having the grip on there provide extra hand hold area and better weight balance.  Not everyone is shooting with this camera solely with a 50mm prime, sorry.

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