How do you do "hands-off" exposure bracketing with the Olympus E-M5?

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Re: IBIS and Live View Long Exposure "development"

Camp Freddy wrote:

Interesting thread, I am lurking to maybe get an OMD at some point to replace my E450 , and I do much of the very same Frank: bracketed, long exposure especially night to low light shots.

I came to the same solution but also I do manual bracketing by flicking the short cut button and wheel up and down stops.

You have also two things in the EM5 I lack- IBIS and the low light , long exposure "developing" live view: has anyone used this feature and found it worth while ?

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Yes I successfully experimented with it just a few days ago.  Can say its pretty neat to be able to see the image develop in front of you, takes a lot of guess work out of it long exposures.  I set the OMD on a tripod and set it up on Live View mode (haven't got the hang of live bulb mode yet) and took a 42 second exposure of the moon over a bridge.  Iso was set at 200 and f13.

I think I will be doing many long exposure shot in the future, definitely a worthwhile feature!

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