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re: is there a way to disable HDAF on the N6 ???

webgeek wrote:

V1V1D wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

webgeek wrote:

I did not test the Hybrid AF, so sorry on that.

how did you disable it, so all shots were done without PDAF?? And while speaking of HDAF - how was it possible that you were able to curb your curiosity of the one [if not the most] of potentially strongest selling fortes of the N6??? ,


+1. That, and does it give you that big green box in darker environments? My wife decided against the A77 in favor of this camera but those are pretty important factors I think everyone would like to know. Please advise if possible.

Yes, you can turn OFF the Phase Detect Auto Focus. It is in the menu. I actually turn it off, because I wanted to compare against my NEX-7. When you turn it on, there are many green square boxes overlay with the traditional Contrast Detect AF, so I did not like it. I turn it off.

do I understand correctly that it is not possible on the N6 to have simultaneously:

  • the HDAF turned ON and,
  • yet enjoying a clean, uncluttered VF with only ​one​ PDAF point of choice highlighting a selected PD focusing spot?

the 99 PDAF points grid of the N6

if so then it seems S. has yet another FW "war" germinating from their corporate hands,


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