Nikon still selling defective D800s

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Re: Nikon still selling defective D800s

KG2002 wrote:

Could you maybe post the images from Focal? I received my D800 in August (here in Canada) and did not see any unexpected issues in focal point quality...

(BTW I really like Reikan Focal - has definitely improved my fine focus adjustment!)

Where did you get it and what is your s/n? I've got mine at Henrys this weekend and they sold me a used unit with 76 clicks. S/N 50037xx. Brining it back this week but I would like to know what the current s/ns are.

I am on the second D800, the first S/N: 50023XX was repaired twice for the LF problem with no success, actually it was worse, on the third trip, I was given two choices a refund or a replacement. Regrettably I took a replacement, at first I thought, finally some luck has come my way, on further testing it also has the LF problem, its S/N: 50037XX. Both camera were tested with Nikon 24-70mm @24mm F/2.8 at a distance of 4'.

I am now hoping someday soon to read in this forum that Nikon Canada can reliably fix the LF problem so that I can take my camera in to get repaired before the warranty expires. A very sad situation for such potentially great camera.

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