Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

Started Oct 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Sergey Borachev Veteran Member • Posts: 4,433
Re: Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

No, Olympus does not need to make any 43 camera.  What Olympus really need is to survive.

It had already done the best it could and delivered the E-5 when 43 was already dead and when Olympus itself was facing death. The future is in M43, which it started and which is starting to bear fruit.  There is no future in 43 and no future in DSLRs even for Canon and Nikon.  It was too hard to compete with Canon and Nikon in DSLRs years ago, when it made big losses, and it is even harder to compete now. and why bother when it is so weak, to get back into a dying market to make more losses.  There will be blood everywhere as that market shrinks and competition intensifies.

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