Worrying OM-D review at Biofos.com?

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Re: Worrying OM-D review at Biofos.com?

ju_ju wrote:

Hi david. a suggestion. I think you are coming from the wrong direction. OM film cameras used film which is a completely different type of technology. Raw files are much closer to film than jpeg's as they have more headroom for alteration. This is what we did with film in the dark room. Jepegs are a bit akin to how people took their rolls of film to a shop like woolmart and allowed the manufacturers and processing machines to dictate the output. Raw files need to be shot correctly as much as jpegs for many desired outcomes even more so. You aught to give it a try, I don't know anyone of the film era who considers shooting  valued shots in jpeg as they want to get all parameters right and not to leave it to the guess work of jpeg engines.   If you are worried about what other people say about the things you purchase it may be best not to read reviews.  I did not read a lot of the said review, but enough, what I  read indicated  a lack of understanding about photography in general, let alone any particular camera. Just enjoy the camera, its an ok one.

Comparing the different types of processing is not so straightforward though. For instance, with the legendary Kodachrome there was no way for the photographer to do the developing. Changing the colours for prints certainly wasn't easy, so getting it right in the camera was desirable. Basically Kodak, Fuji or some other film manufacturer picked the colours and did it well. Processing your colours from RAW is not at all like this, it's more like black and white film photography, which indeed lived in the darkroom you mention.

It is not surprising that the JPGs from Fuji cameras are the best or some of the best around, they've been doing colours for ages. Olympus is also well known for having good colours, some say Fuji have contributed to their JPEG engine. If you choose to instead pick the colours yourself you're basically throwing out the colours picked by highly professional experts. For this reason I think the GP poster is on the right track with his JPEG shooting.

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