Calibrating iMac (Leopard 10.5.8)

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Re: Calibrating iMac (Leopard 10.5.8)

Howard Moftich wrote:

The Rosetta/no-Rosetta thing affects the ability of certain (PPC compiled) programs to run.

It's a yes/no proposition; a/the program will not run on late versions of the OS if it's only PPC.  Since you said that the calibration seemed to go OK and supposedly did produce an icc/icm file for the display.  One possibility is that the Mac in question is late model and uses LEDs for it's panel backlight (vs. older CCFL) and whether the Spyder2Ex supports that or not.  That could certainly cause the problems you're seeing.

You always want to calibrate to a target temp of approx 6000-6500.  Your 2500 value is *waaay* wrong.

Sorry guys, i made a typo in my first post - target white point was 6500k - sorry!

Howard, very pragmatic advice - thank you.

I agree, the Spypder2Ex software is producing an icc profile, so in effect it is doing what it should be, albeit not giving desirable results.

Can you please advise how you find out how the monitor is backlit i.e. LEDs or CCFL?


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