Why didn't Canon use the 1Dx sensor for 6D

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Re: Why didn't Canon use the 1Dx sensor for 6D

tigertails99 wrote:

I prefer do my own evaluation of a cameras that I am considering rather than the data from an organization that rates 35mm cameras better than MF .

Maybe you should look beyond the (quite silly) single figure rating. There are reasons why the 35mm format digital cameras are superior to some MF cameras by some metrics, like much lower read noise and higher quantum efficiency. Additionally DxOMark does not consider resolution in their tests (or some other properties, like PRNU).

As Bob said above, DxOMark is not the only entity measuring the sensor performance. For example I also have tested several ones and every time the measurements have been very close to the DxOMark results.

It would help you to make a better informed purchace decicion if you tried to and managed to understand why the DxOMark results are what they are. (And no, I'm nor advocating on making the decicion based on some sensor performance metrics alone, but just to take advantage of them.)

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