Why EVF and Live View?

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Re: Why EVF and Live View?

Lee Saxon wrote:

Why do we need both?

If I was designing a camera with an EVF as excellent as the ECX331A (used in the A99), I wouldn't include LCD Live View. In fact, I'd probably put the menus on the EVF and kill the LCD altogether to make the camera smaller.

If you think that's a bad idea, I'd love to hear why.

PS - Would your opinion be different if it was a fixed LCD rather than a tilt/swivel?

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Lee Saxon

As stated bellow by others depending on shooting locations I have found both to be usefull so definatly keep both but I think the ability to turn off live view and go to a more traditional DSLR screen for checking camera settings in sunlight is still needed. My A55 does not do this but I am hopping that the A65 on order might,

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