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travelinbri_74 wrote:

These samples don't jump off the screen for me or show exceptional sharpness.  I think they are fine, but my expectations for a 2,700 (over 3 with an OVF or EVF) camera are through the roof, and both groups of samples so far have me getting less excited not more.

Others' reactions?  Something I am missing?


I agree.  My overall sense is one of being somewhat underwhelmed.  OK, so there's nothing *wrong* with the images, but they aren't *great* are they.

I really don't think my RX100 would have done an inferior job on any of them.  Also, I don't know if it's me, but the colours seem just a little flat to me.  Hardly to put my finger on, but they seem I dunno, lacking in contrast or something.  There's no "pop".  That might be a good thing if it means the sensor has a wide EV range and is capture lots of tonal shades, because you can tart the image up in PP.  Dunno.

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