I applaud the 5r design.

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Re: if you pack a kit, quite relevant that body size=RX100

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

caterpillar: "If you look at it, the 5 series is really about as big/small as the RX100 minus any lens attached. That's the testament of miniturization capability of Sony.

RBudding: To be totally honest, I never use cameras without lenses, so to compare the size of a lenseless NEX to an RX100 with lens is beyond useless.

To be totally honest, never carry a camera between assignments with its lenses attached. Pretty big deal to me how a Nex body, alongside 3 cross-placed lenses, a folding white target and big wide angle hood etc, carefully and barely fits into the quite finite airspace in a LowePro Adventura 140 belt pack though.

My own lack of concern for the relative thickness of a working Nex, is related to how little it bothers you that a powered-up RX100 is thicker than a much-higher-ISO-capable Nex with 16mm.

So why RBudding you would make such an unimaginative, unhelpful and unpleasantly styled comment is beyond me.

Why?  Because you are being silly.  Sony is making fine cameras. There's really no need to go to extreme lengths to rationalize your purchase.

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