Nikon, the Apple of camera world

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Re: Nikon, the Apple of camera world

It's been a long time since I last got such a good laugh reading a post. THis guy is either being ironic or he has been abusing substances which tend to raise your festive spirits to excessive levels.

Nikon delivers excellent quality products, but :

1. By and large, Nikon has not pioneered many of the more recent photo technology, but rather has taken its time to refine new tech before bringing it to market, not unwisely, some would argue. For instance, the AF technology, initiated, if I'm not mistaken by Minolta (correct me if I'm wrong).

2. More importantly, making Apple an example of customer service and flawless quality can only come to the minds of people who have never dealt with the company. Over the years, there have been numerous instances of quality issues with apple's new lines of products : burning batteries, or defective screens on some older models of Imacs, for instance. As for their perfect customer service, let's say it is generally ok, but in my experience, other companies do much better, Sigma for instance.

3. Apple's current record in labor practices is another point that does not scream for exemplarity. Also, if anything, Nikon has been much, much better at preserving backward compatibility than Apple, which tends to break compatibility especially in the connection standards.

So Apple is certainly very innovative, but a paragon of business ?

Just for the record, I'm currently typing this message on a mac, so my experience with Apple is first hand.

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