Red glare in 1/3 of picture during long exposure using the D800 + 16-35mm F/4.0

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Red glare in 1/3 of picture during long exposure using the D800 + 16-35mm F/4.0

Hi Guys.
I really hope that some of you might be able to help me out.

I recently started doing long esposure photography, and besides all the apparent noise, which can be fixed with the LE NR. I get a red glare throughout 1/3 of my frame, thats really dominating.
I tried testing the camera by taking black frames without a lens, with a 50mm 1.8 and with the 16-35mm, for all frames the viewfinder was closed and the camera was i a closed closet. And i did them both with and without LE NR, all exposures were 15min.
On both frames using the 16-35mm, the red glare dominated the black frame, but was not visible without the lens or with the 50mm.
I contacted Nikon Denmark, and the first response was that the red glare is due to the CMOS getting warm. I then got a response later that day, and they said that they had made the same setup and they too got the red glare in their blackframes.
However they just keep telling me that this is to be expected from this system and they dont have any intentions of fixing the issue.
I however believe it´s a fault in the production that should be adressed.
Do any of you have any ideas or experience with this or a similar issue, all responses are highly appreciated.

Best regards


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