XP1 out of camera jepg: settings

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Robert L Jones Regular Member • Posts: 360
Re: XP1 out of camera jepg: settings

Initially, many users complained of over-saturated reds with the XP1. With that in mind, I've photographed various various targets with subtle shades of orange and red, along with greens and blues.

I got the most accurate tones using N-H film simulation with Color at -1, sharpness at 0, Highlight tone at -1, Shadow tone at -1. I prefer a little less noise reduction and set it at -1. Dynamic range and White balance are both on Auto. ISO is on Auto 3200.

The next most accurate was film simulation in my tests was Ns with same settings as above. For a little more pop, I also have a custom setting with Std film simulation with Color at -2 and all the other settings the same as above.

For B&W, I use same settings as above except Color is at 0. Using these settings, I have 3 B&W customs: straight B&W, a 2nd with a Red filter and a 3rd with a Green filter.

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