Bummed, but returning D600

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Re: Bummed, but returning D600

PatFahey wrote:

jabilson007 wrote:

I bought the cleaning kit the store recommended and followed their advice and the product instructions. It did not help. I am within the return time frame, so it is going back. I will get another though because I seriously like the camera. Thanks.

Don't buy another D600.  You will have the same "problem".  The shutters on the new mid- and high-range Nikons throw a lot of oil when they are new.   I saw it with a new d3x, but saw much less of a problem with the D800e -- but it is there.

Your best bet is to learn how to use the cleaning kit that you were sold, or stick to a simpler camera.

Blow the dust off first with a good blower (so you don't scrape grit across the filter) and then carefully follow the instructions for the wet clean.  It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and it is just another part of owning a good DSLR.


Thank you for your posting, if all you said are facts, I don't think I will buy a Nikon DSLR. For me, a $2000 should work from day one and no need for service at least for two years. Regards

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