The G5 has a new sensor!(It seems) Other notes.

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Re: The G5 has a new sensor!(It seems) Other notes.

Clearly the G5 has the best 16 MP Panasonic sensor to date according to That being said, you can’t help but notice how much better the Olympus E-M5 sensor is. It has leapfrogged many of the older APS-C sensors like the Nikon D3100 and D5000 but still has a ways to go in reaching the D5100 or D7000. The G5 sensor doesn’t quite reach the now outdated D3100 sensor. In addition, the same tests put the GH1 12 MP sensor as the best overall Panasonic sensor. If Panasonic did use the same sensor as the E-M5 in the GH3, it would very respectable, but would still fall short of the quality of the Nikon D7000 as Panasonic wants to compare itself to. We can only hope for the premium price and size difference, that Panasonic is able to surpass the E-M5 performance. (No matter who manufactures it)

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