Is there any loss of IQ when using ISO 50 on d600?

Started Oct 7, 2012 | Questions thread
Martin Grecner Contributing Member • Posts: 520
Re: Uniwb iso

caspianm wrote:

All iso 50 doese is exposing the scene to the right by 1-stop(under exposing) @100 iso.  Then i will post process it in jpeg engine by opening up the shadow.

Actually, it is just the opposite. Using ISO 50 means OVER exposing at ISO 100, and then reduce the brightness by dividing the data by 2.

You can do the same, set ISO 100 on the camera, dial in +1EV exposure compensation, and then slide the exposure slider -1EV to the left in RAW processing software.

You loose one stop of highlights when using ISO 50.

Out of the 14 bits your sensor provides, you only use the top 13 bits, shifting the lowest bit onto trash, and replacing the highest bit with 0.

This happens when converting from RAW to JPEG.


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