Inkjetmall or inkjetcarts in epson 4900 ?

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Re: The 4900 refillable carts have internal Bags!

Richard, as I switched over from OEM to the IJC carts, replacing each cart as they dropped below 10% I used my ColorMunki to re-profile. On my 3880 I noticed little difference, but I re-profiled because I was developing the technique of using 1/2 Letter sheet instead of 2. Since then I have learnt that carts reporting even lower ink levels were found to contain 10-20 ml of ink--that is $6-13 worth of 'unavailable' ink!!  Cone sells and/or includes in his refill kits an adapter that permits you to retrieve this ink from the OEM cart and add it to your refilled cart.

For those not aware, Jon Cone is one of the pioneers in the art of inkjet printing (as is Bob Nash, of Crosley, Stills and Nash-musicians!), and let me not forget Paul Roark or Ross Hardie. Their products and knowledge permits us 'serious' hobbyists to utilize carbon based and encapsulated inks adaptable to our individual needs. Much serious info on this topic is contained on this forum, yet day after day I see an individual post: "I never knew ink was so expensive!!" What can you suggest?" Even with many replies instructing to do a forum search, the dance goes on. You can lead a horse to water, just won't drink!

So far you have 3 fine vendors lined up, please note that you can choose your ink from any of them, not necessarily the one supplying the carts--mix and match to your benefit. And if during an urgent print job an ink is really out (not just from the cart but from your stock) you can fill in with brand B!

good luck  irv weiner

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