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Re: I don't vote at all.

Great Bustard wrote:

Richard wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Well, true that most of the people posting here are anonymous.  After all, my name isn't really "Great Bustard" (sorry to disappoint a few of you!).  But, usernames do acquire a certain status over time.  So, inasmuch as that status matters, transparency in voting (and complaints filed) matters.

Ah, so now we understand why, so that you can gain or lose status in the eyes of others, content means nothing, status means everything.

I don't vote, I don't care about votes.  I am simply talking about the purpose of voting at all for those for whom it does matter.

In short, some votes are "more equal" than others.

I would say that some opinions are more equal than others because they are based on knowledge and experience. But not votes.

However, if it is merely the content of the post that matters to you, and the username means nothing, then, sure, transparency means nothing.

First the arguing that if the topic was important enough to vote on people should reply and if they don't reply and vote, and if they should vote, we should see who is voting. So content was all that was really important. What else is there?  Status? Let me guess, you own Mac products. LOL

Swing and a miss.  Oh -- almost forgot:  LOL.

Look, it means nothing other than if a lot of people vote, it May be a topic of importance because people take the time to vote. You vote for status, thats a new one on me.

Simply because a lot of anonymous people voted on a post does not mean the topic is "important".  It merely means a lot of anonymous people voted on a post for unknown reasons.

And the value of anonymous vote, for me, is exactly zero.

And you are entitled to your opinion and even though we disagree, I still like you, or rather your webpersonality/wit/ability to debate without excess emotion at least.

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