Hi ISO X-E1 Images - Insane

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Re: Not so insane if you think about it

intruder61 wrote:

Yohan Pamudji wrote:

Assuming image quality is virtually identical to the X-Pro1 (It is, right? Apologies if I got that wrong, but that's what I've read.), the clean high ISO comes at the cost of detail.  Fuji, just like everybody else, are cooking the RAW files.  The problem is that Fuji are applying the noise reduction a bit too heavily for my taste at the expense of too much lost detail.  But that's just me.  YMMV.

Fuji gave pro photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov a XE1 and he states " i like how its not too sharp" and " it has the ability to shoot a soft and live picture" ............ sharpness is not everything.

i think your belief in regards to noise reduction is a bit overstated.

Actually that confirms my belief.  He likes it, I don't--different strokes.  Just a matter of opinion, that's all.  I'd rather start sharp and soften as needed instead of start soft and be stuck there, but again that's just me.

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