D800 Grip Revisited - Nikon is DUMB!

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Re: About lying.

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Nikon would have a hard time proving that a 3rd party grip hurt a D800 unless you sent it back with the camera! Anyone with an IQ over 50 would simple say they tried a Nikon version in a shop and the damage was done.


This may be a surprise, but there are a few very intelligent people who feel lying is wrong.  To them it is not routine and to be done without thought.

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Your post made me to use the stupid 'facebook trut' style rating system for the first time (and I'm not lying) Why can I not give a big PLUS or double plus...come on DPR add some extras to it..be creative..let us give pink, purple, green red, double or big pluses to posts.

In relation to the original post. I don't mind that people don't want/can't afford original items for any kind of reason but to simple lie about it due to ignorance or just because being pi**ed of that it is too expensive is a shame thing.


I find it fascinating that people hang on to imaginary ethics even though Nikon has shown so little to it's customers.  So let's land back on planet Earth now and be honest, or at least I will.

1) It's not likely that my 3rd party grip will hurt my camera and even less likely that Nikon is going to suddenly void warranty work because I use a 3rd party product with it. I guess I better throw away my Tamron 180 macro, Lowe straps and we certainly should not use anything but a Nikon flash, right? Duh!

2) IF my camera started having problems with the grip and a 2nd grip exhibited the same issue I would not send the D800 in with the grip. They don't warranty the Pixel grip. And it's not their business to know what 3rd party products I own.

3) Nikon has lied on numerous occasions, quite recently to quite a few owners of the D800. I have absolutely zero respect for the "business men/women" who handle public relations. They're awful. I do have 100% respect for the talented designers and engineers who make these wonderful cameras.

4) The Nikon brand D800 grip is a travesty of gouging. They deserve to sell none and I'm glad that every shooter that I know is enjoying the 3rd part grip.

Now if you can't sleep at night without being cheated out of your money, then go ahead and pay 4 times the price for the exact same thing. Placate yourself with it's imaginary superior quality and even more imaginary warranty compliance.

It's not about the grip costing 300 or 30 dollars. I cannot afford what I want. But I don't enjoy any type of thievery and that's what the pricing is. That's MY opinion. It's okay if you don't agree with it, but be grown up enough to not make it personal.


I wonder how many people would be open to business relationship with a self admitted liar.

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