Will the SLT mirror detiriorate over time? This picture is bothersome!

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Re: Will the SLT mirror detiriorate over time? This picture is bothersome!

Consider eyeglasses.

These days, far more likely to be plastic (acrylic, polycarbonate, high-index and lightweight, etc) than 'glass'.  They come with coatings for anti-glare, to reject oil, or toughen the surfaces some against scratching.  They're exposed to direct sunlight, UV, chemicals (skin oils, sunscreens, DEET, soap and detergents, swimming pool chlorine...) yet the lenses do not film or cloud aside from by direct mechanical or physical violation (e.g. cleaning them with improper materials, like that horrible 50% post-consumer recycled brown paper towels in public restrooms, thus scratching the outer surface).

I treat my glasses like complete dirt, leave them outside in the sun after sweating all over them doing yard work, wipe sawdust and salt (sweat) off of them when woodworking in the garage with my dirty shirt, etc etc.  The *plastic* itself doesn't degrade.  The coating might get damaged over time, and if I dunked them in some sort of petroleum products they might get seriously affected.  But then again, I don't ever expect to treat my SLT mirror that way.

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