FZ200 bad JPEG and fake 2.8 Aperture ??

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Re: FZ200 bad JPEG and fake 2.8 Aperture ??

Humboldt Jim wrote:

I wonder what a 2.8 aperture is.  Typically 2.8 refers to focal ratio which is focal length/aperture and expressed as ƒ2.8.  This as a major factor in the so called "speed" of a lens, but other factors also influence speed, such as the amount and quality of glass the light has to pass through before it reaches the sensor. So adding 2 mm of filter glass to 20 mm of lens might affect the speed, but not the ƒ ratio.


The F number is the ratio of the lens's focal length to the diameter of the entrance pupil. I don't believe it can be electronically manipulated, since it is a ratio of physical properties. I believe the poster in the Canon forum is a Canon fanboi who just wanted to ding Panansonic cameras and so far is not wanting to acknowledge that perhaps his speculation might not be supportable. But I've an open mind. If he can post some references we can examine, let him post them. I've never seen this in a review from a source I would deem credible. Or even one I would find incredible for that matter. Faking the physical optical properties of a lens is something I've never heard of. Convince me.

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