Lens advice for a Nikon newcomer

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Re: Lens advice for a Nikon newcomer

mario7 wrote:

Disagree on the 70-300 options. I've had both and find the Tamron better in all aspects.

Some people like the Tamron better. I also had both and found the Tamron slightly sharper at 300, but poorer IQ overall. The more I think about it and talking to others who feel the same, I blame it on Tamron's VC. I'm not sure it's so accurate. It also might be a sample variation and I got a bad one. Who knows, but then Leonard on the forums got the same poor sample as have a few others. Furthermore, normally I'm not picky. I'm willing to find the limitations of a lens and shoot around it. With the Tamron, I couldn't.

I've owned other Tamron lenses and love them. It was just the first one I've owned with their VC system. I'd look at the image and it looked both sharp and soft in a way at the same time along areas of high contrast. When I zoomed in with Photoshop, I'd see the image with nice sharp lines, but often a sort of secondary image overlaid and very translucent that looked to be off to the side a pixel. That's what seemed to cause the softness at those areas. Imagine fringing but no color.

I could fix it in Photoshop at the pixel level, but it just took too long maskig and repairing those edges. They were wonderful when fixed though. I'll say that. I could sometimes eek out a better image, but at the expense of a lot of PP time. Most images had too much and wasn't worth it, hense the reason I said low keeper rate.

Again, to each their own and if that trait is not there on your lens or on most of them, that's good. I'll just not take a chance for a while. I lost too much on the transaction. I refused to lie about it to the store I traded it in at. They looked and saw what I meant.

No Nikon 70-300 VR I've owned has had that issue. Some were sharper than others from 270-300 but that's a limitation I can shoot around. Otherwise it is flawless.

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Cheers, Craig
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