When will used D700's drop in price?

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Re: When will used D700's drop in price?

Agreed top to bottom.

The average secondhand (used) price won't drop until Nikon introduces a true replacement, because it is better built and easier to hold than than the D600, and the Mp of the D800 is far more than the current users of the D700 require for the kind of work that they produce.

If and when a replacement D700 is introduced with the same shape, particularly the same sized hand grip, a sensor around 18 Mp, not necessarily the 16 Mp one in the D4, and which is photo and not video centric then the D700 price will drop substantially. Until then it will remain comparatively  high because the demand is there. I already know of one case where a buyer who came into a local camera shop to compare the D600 to the D800 ended up walking out with the near mint secondhand D700 which was also for sale.

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