Exchanging D800+ RX1 for the new Leica M

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Re: Exchanging D800+ RX1 for the new Leica M

How do you own an RX-1????

By the way I certainly wouldn't get a Leica M planning to use manual tele-zooms R lenses on it. Manual R on a Leica M will be no match for your D800 and a Nikon G lens for sports and action.

Robert E Woods wrote:

Interesting you should suggest this change.  I actually own a D800, an RX-1 and an M9-P. If I could only have one of these three, it would definitiely be the M9.  The D800 is a fine camera but way too large and heavy for my tastes.  It's a totally different experience shooting with a camera of manageable size like the M9.  I've spent considerable time comparing images taken with the D800 with identical images taken with the M9, both on tripods, and to my eye the M9 almost always produces a better image (using the "Compare" feature in LR and viewing the native RAW images).  The Nikon has a better automatic exposure system, though, as the Leica seems to be the rather old-fashioned center-weighted type, in contrast to the Nikon's sophisticated matix metering.  And for telephoto work the Nikon wins hands-down.  The RX-1 is a great pocket camera but no match for either the D800 or M9, IMO.

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