Happy with 28mm f/1.8?

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Re: Happy with 28mm f/1.8?

arty H wrote:

I have used the 35f2 much more than the Tokina 35f2.8. You can get pretty bad flare if you shoot into the sun with the Canon 35f2. I avoid it, even with the hood always on the lens. I haven't seen purple fringing with the Canon or the Tokina. AF is faster on the Canon, since the Tokina is a macro lens.

I prefer having the F2 aperture to the theoretical sharpness of the Tokina macro lens. Both lenses are sharp to the corners. The Canon needs to be stopped down for this, while the Tokina is sharp in the corners wide open.

The Canon does focus close, but isn't anywhere as sharp as the Tokina at close distances. From my perspective, the only reason for getting the IS lens would be for video. It would be hard to find a sharper lens than the Tokina at this focal length - but there is more to a lens than performance in testing. If AF speed isn't important for you, and F2.8 is OK....the Tokina is a gem. I should mention that AF of the Tokina was much better on my 60D than my T2i. I took hundreds of shots at a kid's birthday party with the Tokina on my 60D and didn't miss a shot. The results were great. It doesn't do this well on my T2i.

Some of this is subjective, as I happen to like the 35mm focal length on a crop body.

Thanks for the reply. What do you think of the 28mm, i.e. 45mm, focal length on a crop body (I have a 650D)? My main interests are low light interior shots, groups and flowers. I used the 35 f/1.4 in a museum but sometimes found the focal length too tight, but the image quality and weight were much better than my 15-85.

I wonder what Canon's strategy is with the 28mm f/2.8. I saw a Digitalrev.com video on Youtube and the presenter complained of the similar 24mm f/2.8 IS USM's 'toy' like build quality.

Does the Tokina's auto focus ring rotate during focusing? My concern with non-USM lenses is the risk of shredding the gears by accidentally touching the spinning focusing ring.


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