Olympus 45mm, bad/unsharp copy?

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Re: Olympus 45mm, bad/unsharp copy?

wazeggie wrote:

I've been using the 45mm for some time now, and to be honest i don't find it to be as astounishing as all the reviews suggest. On different forums/sites i hear people rave about this lens, but i can't seem to relate to all these postive sounds. Ofcourse, it is a nice lens, but i find it quite unsharp at lower apertures. From f/4.0 i think it is indeed really sharp, but below that, not at all.

So now i am questioning myself, do i have a bad copy, or is it just me expecting too much from a rather cheap lens. I've set it up on my epm1, on a tripod, 2s shutter delay, and compared sharpness via RAW files in LR. In the link you can see a 100% crop on f/1.8, and on the right with f/4.0. Focus wasn't changed, just the aperture.

What do you think?


Get it exchanged for another copy.  It should be much sharper at f/1.8.  Mine is sharp wide open and barely gets any sharper as I stop it down.  If you see that much difference between f/1.8 and f/4 then something is wrong with the lens.

I have seen sample variation first hand and from other forum members here (sgoldswo), and read accounts from a respected reviewer who likely had a sub-optimal copy as well, so don't give up on the lens.  Once you find a good one you'll be very happy with the sharpness.

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