Which is better? A Nikon D600 or D800? Mostly using it HANDHELD & with low light.

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You still don't seem to understand

Fathom wrote:

I'm examining a friends' shoot at a bar with a band playing. It's extremely low light and I'm seeing quite a number of blurry images. But I do see some keepsakes images that to my eyes are slightly blurred but definitely worth giving to clients. If there would be a way to know that the D600 performed similarly, then definitely the D800 would be a better investment in this case (again, as long as the unit has no problem with its AF, aka the infamous left focus issue).
Many are already giving the D600 positive reviews (of course some are negatives especially with the oil/dust issues on their sensors evident even if newly bought) on which AF performance is near-problem free as opposed to the D800 with people having a challenging time getting tack-sharp images.
Adding to which is that the reason it's hard to really make a decision is that our country does not have a return or exchange policy on cameras once the shutter starts counting.

Fathom, you keep talking about "blurry images." This suggests to me that you STILL don't understand what many posters have said in this thread: sensor resolution is unrelated to motion blur. Do you need us to say it again? Ok, fine. Sensor resolution is unrelated to motion blur. Let's all hold hands in a circle and say it again: sensor resolution is unrelated to motion blur.

It is incorrect to compare a D800 image at 100% to a D600 image at 100%. Viewing a D800 image at 100% means that you are "zooming in" or cropping more than viewing a D600 image at 100%. Better to view a D800 image at 66.7% against a D600 image at 100%. Alternatively, downsample the D800 image to 24MP, then compare against the D600.

If you want minimal motion blur due to camera shake when viewed at 100%, you should buy a D2H (4MP). Of course, you would only need to zoom in to about 11% on a D800 for a fair comparison, but you don't seem to care about that.

Explain to me: how does having a 36MP sensor cause one to shake the camera more than a camera with a 24MP sensor? Are you in such awe of 36MP that you quake in its glorious presence?

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