Happy with 28mm f/1.8?

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Re: Happy with 28mm f/1.8?

arty H wrote:

I don't have the Canon 28f1.8, but I do have the Canon 35f2, and use it for people photos and general purpose photos. The 35 is sharp, with fast and accurate AF. It is not glamorous, but does the job for me. It is very good wide open, and even better at f2.2. At F2, image quality is similar to my Canon 50F1.4 stopped down to f2. I have a good copy of the Canon 50, so this is good news for me.

I don't see the point of an f2.8 prime lens, unless is is a macro lens (or perhaps very compact). I have the Tokina 35f2.8 macro lens, and it is sharp wide open across the field. If an f2.8 prime lens won't do macro, I'd much rather have a faster lens. I use the Canon 35f2 much more than the Tokina 35f2.8 macro lens.

Both of these lenses together cost much less than the new Canon 28f2.8IS, and also much less than the Canon 17-55F2.8IS. If you want a "fast" zoom, you can't beat the Canon - but it is large and heavy for the range of focal lengths.

Hi arty H,

Thanks for the post. Please can you advise which lens, 35 f/2 or Tokina 35 f/2.8, shows less purple fringing? The Tokina is interesting as I don't have a macro lens but I guess Canon's RAW conversion software won't work with it. The cheapest price I can find for the 28mm f/2.8 is £496 which is twice that of the 35mm f/2. Do you think the 28mm f/2.8 IS USM is likely to be optically superior to the 17-55 IS at 28mm? My concern with the 17-55 is its conspicuous size and tendency to inhale dust.



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