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Re: Panasonic lx7

I too would like to see an updated group review for the growing category of small/compact cameras with better image quality and professional oriented features. It would be nice to have it include both the traditional semi-pro compacts (like the Panasonic lx7 and Sony RX100) and the small mirrorless cameras with pancake lens (like the Sony NEX 5R with new 16-50mm pancake zoom) all of which you can easily carry in a pocket as opposed to traditional DSLRs. It could even include the small full-frame cameras.

In general, I would really like to see more emphasis given to turning out new camera reviews. It seems like dpreview may be trying to do too many different things at the expense of reviewing new cameras in a timely manner. And for me, submitting a preview just isn't enough since it doesn't usually include the critical analysis/evaluation. There are lots of sites out there with specs, pictures and even sample photos of new cameras but few that come close to the impartial analysis and recommendations of dpreview. As to what areas to reduce (if you are overextended) that sounds like fodder for a forum? Thanks and looking forward to your next full reviews.

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