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tashley wrote:

I wish it were sarcasm... he has been hanging around every car crash on here sneering at the drivers for months: anyone who has had a problem with Nikon QC at either the manufacturing or 'repair' stages has had to contend not only with non-functioning equipment but also with the OPs repeated implications that it's all their own fault/whining attitude/poor technique. He is a wind-up merchant... and many people have speculated that he is so blindly pro-Nikon that he might work for them. Well, if I doubt that even Nikon would hire someone this bad at persuasive communication...

All these car crashes as you say are akin to people staging accidents for attention.  Sure, every once in a while we get a legitimate crash, but it is very rare.  The funny thing is it was Leonard Shepard that diligently debunked all the improper testing procedures, not me.  Only thing I said on this issue is it was blown out of proportion and the extremely small percentage of people that had legitimate and verifiable problems were extremely rare.  Enough on that.

It's nice to see how much everyone appreciates Nikon's undying loyalty to all their customers.  When you buy Nikon you not only buy a great cutting edge camera, you are buying into one big happy family with community support second to none.  Not many companies treat their customers as good as Nikon does.

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