Why didn't Canon use the 1Dx sensor for 6D

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Re: Why didn't Canon use the 1Dx sensor for 6D

aarif wrote:

the difference between an 18mm FF and a 20mp FF senor is negligible, so why spend extra on a newer sensor for the lower end FF body....this has been playing on my mind lately.  I'm impressed with the image samples I've seen from the 1Dx up to now so will this be a better sensor in terms of noise DR?  Or is Canon up to it's old tricks of protecting the Pro bodies and not letting it's technology trickle down to the lower end as they used to do with the AF systems

any thoughts

I find it fishy. The 5DMKIII is 22MP, so you have 3x new FF sensors in the space of a year within a range of 18-22MP. I rather suspect (i.e. hope) they're up to something with the 6D other than just plain silliness. Already the emphasis on the 6D seems to be its low-light AF capability, so perhaps they're looking at breaking new ground with something that's not just their usual incremental flaccidity.

I always understood Nikon and Canon try not to pitch cameras head-to-head, they prefer to slot in between each other. They're not after the specification race here because that just hurts margins, they want to carve a new niche.

I think.

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