Nex 6 has touch screen?

Started Oct 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nex 6 has touch screen?

I reckon it's more to do with hitting a price point as the lcd is disabled as soon as the eye piece is in proximity to your face although the lack of a touch screen on the nex7 would appear to negate that point of view. Have to see what they do with the next nex7.

The real problem with sony is they spend all of their R&D budget on hardware and don't seem to place any emphasis on their s/ware interfaces. This is where products rise or fall these days. The meteoric rise of Apple in recent years is a case in point. They haven't ever brought out anything really new but what they did do is do it right.

The other way to work is to throw everything at a device and see what sticks. Doesn't necessarily make for an intuitive and popular product but seems to work for Panasonic who are using the touch screen as a focus point touch pad whilst the eyepiece is in use.

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