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Freedom means nothing without responsibility - Opinions mean nothing without Substance

Great Bustard wrote:

Richard wrote:

But I think that freedom of speech is important and DPR does a good job in not silencing those who may disagree with the popular.

I absolutely concur.  However, if changing the voting from anonymous to public changes how people vote, then what does that say about the people voting?

Electoral politics are entirely absorbed with the subject of how others will render a (all too often binary) judgment. To call that a dialogue is to elevate the most primitive form of communication to a level it is undeserving of.

It does not (other than superficially) concern itself with an interest in the "whys", or the possibilities of sharing and learning interesting, diverse, and in any way subtley nuanced perspectives. It merely concerns itself with the mechanics of exclusion of that which does not comport with one's (for whatever reasons) artificailly distilled choice of "party line".

It is the ultimate process by which a multitude of interesting and educational viewpoints and various possible "means" end up being reduced to, and more often than not, distorted and perverted, in the ostensible service of some particular personally desired "end". It is the reduction of the specifics (in all of their complexities) to the general (in all of its obtuse simplicities).

Forum readers who would sincerely wish to rely upon the number and the color of flags hoisted by players of unknown identity and intelligence are willingly trading the value of engaging in their own critical thinking for the merely illusory value of relying upon the flighty migrations of lemmings ...

Note that the general gist of this system seems to be about "who" to pay attention to and "who" to avoid. The concept that various and different ideas (perhaps posted by unexpected sources at times) might on occasion have some merit in their own right becomes sacrificed to a "cult of personality".

Now, I surely have formulated my own preferences regarding who I personally find valuable to read, and who seldom offers much of anything of particular interest or value (for me). But those preferences have been (and will continue to be) formulated from engaging in the specific effort of reading and considering other peoples' ideas expressed in the course of actual ongoing conversations.

So, I pose a secondary question. What does it say about the people who would perceive any such "binary system" as at all useful and informative in the formulation of their own personal perspectives ?

I think that it may say that they affirmatively choose to focus on particular personalities, without consideration or serious interest in, or regards for, the exchange of ideas of with or by any others, and would prefer the perceived replaying of a scripted past to exhibiting any interest in ongoing dialogues surrounding information, ideas, concepts - reducing the reader to the status of pedestrian consumer of pre-digested ruminations.

I can see how DPR might like the idea of some (potential) "filtering" provided for the 211 readers for every poster that Simon Joinson has cited as the statistical ratio between readers and posters. But the quality and the integrity of any such processes (should) matter a great deal, should it not ?

Vindictive "cluster-chumps" of fan/troll-boys with nothing better to do than push idiot-buttons does not at all constitute such quality and integrity. At which point the user-names of the voters would need to be disclosed. At which point an intelligent reader would (and should) want to read the coherent expressed thoughts of the voters, too. At which point we are back to in inevitable - that critical thinking involves some personal effort, and is not a generic and generalized transferable "intellectual commodity" that can be spoon-fed to the masses by the hands of a few "politicians".

Such an ability to influence the attentions of DPR readership is a veritable gold-mine for paid shills ...

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

- Samuel Johnson

Fanboy-ism is but jingoism surrounding various "consumables" within the modern consumer-state.

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