From Canon 5D3 to Nikon D800/D600?

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Re: From Canon 5D3 to Nikon D800/D600?

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

1. Canon has an even sturdier body,

This is the only one of your points I would respectfully disagree with. The D800 is a much sturdier camera, and is built much better. The 5DM3 shares almost exactly the same build as the D600, being a plastic body covered in some metal paneling, the only difference being the 5DM3 has one more panel on the front which does nothing to add to it's strength because it's merely paneling. The lens mount, which is the most important part, is still screwed into plastic on a 5DM3. On the D300/D700/D800/D3/D4 it is a true 1pc alloy frame with the lens mount screwed directly into the metal. To get that from Canon you need to buy a 1 series (Nikon offers it as low as their $1100 D300s).

Here is a 5DM3 without it's multi-piece bolt-on "shell" - notice the lens mount screwed into plastic:

Here is a D7000 (Similar build as D600, D600 is slightly better):

And now here is a D800, which is a big step up. Notice how the lens mount is attached directly to the 1 piece frame:

Wow, thank you very much for this interesting technical post...! Really rare to see the guts with expert´s comment. Are you a serviceman...?

While I´ve always appreciated Canon for some great innovations and some better technical solutions than Nikon, the "inside" (and invisible to most people) build quality esp. of non-EOS1 DSLRs has always brought some doubts on me..... Well, definitely not interesting to those swapping bodies every 2 years, I know :-).

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