Thumbs up / Thumbs down already being abused

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Re: Totally devoid of usefulness

Bob Meyer wrote:

Looking a a bunch of forum posts today, I have to say the up/down rating system is totally meaningless. People aren't using it to flag abusive posts, or really stupid posts, etc. They're using it to flag any opinion they disagree with.

Totally devoid of any usefulness at all.

And worth. As a currency with unlimited supply the Thumb (⫪) is essentially worthless. To give it value, DPR needs to limit the supply. Also, they need to eliminate the antiThumb - just as Ebay had to eliminate seller feedback. So, the way it needs to work is that people have a limited supply of ⫪ allocated to start with and when the give one to someone else, their total reduces. Then the thumb count begins to represent some value. Value of what, I haven't a clue.

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