NEX7 mic jack -- line out from audio mixer

Started Oct 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
kazkioken Contributing Member • Posts: 546
Re: NEX7 mic jack -- line out from audio mixer

no certainly not...that's what AGC does lol!  It attenuates the signal so that it doesn't clip...try it out, if you can vary the level going in try that too.  All it means is that someone yelling won't get clipped, then if you start to whisper you will hear the whisper as well.  The only problem is that as you increase the whisper levels you also increase the noise floor and get noisy hiss or background noise.  That is the only far as feeding a signal into the 7, just try it out you aren't going to make anything explode.  For all you know you might try it and it works out great! You won't know until you try it...sounds like it could take 2 minutes to do.

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