Olympus 45mm, bad/unsharp copy?

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Re: In that case.....

SammyToronto wrote:

wazeggie wrote:

Nope, tried that also, AF is really perfect, doesnt get any sharper than this with MF.

So you agree with me that this is not really that sharp as it should be?

Im not really about pixel peeping, but I almost never get any good results using this lens wide open, so that's why I'm doing these tests.

I have the 45mm and, while its sharpness at f1.8 is less than at f4, the difference is no where near as dramatic as your samples show. Since you said you get the same results with manual focus (so AF accuracy is not a factor), then you seem to have a bad copy.

One more thing to consider is the shutter speed; some Olympus cameras have an IBIS problem at certain shutter speeds (usually in the 1/80 - 1/100 range) which makes the images softer. It could be that the wider aperture made the shutter speed enter the range that causes the IBIS problem. Having said that, the IBIS problem should've shown some blur in the image, and I don't see any in your samples; just softness, but it's probably still worth it to try the 45mm on another camera (preferably a Panasonic, if you have access to one), or disable IBIS and try again, before concluding that this is a lens issue.

This is obviously just a theory since I don't know the shutter speeds your were using or what camera (the IBIS problem is most frequent in e-pm1 and e-pl3 models, but has been reported with other Olympus models also).

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