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Michael_13 wrote:

Roderic wrote:

Thanks Michael.  That clarifies things perfectly.

Like you I have also given up on Lightroom.  A totally weird program, hard to use and I hate the way it "organizes" ones files.  Elements is much better I find.

I find OV2 more than adequate other than I don't seem to be able to print directly from it but that's no great drama.

Thanks again


Hi Roderic,

happy I could help you!

Yes, file organization in Lightroom is total rubbish. It also wastes a lot of space with funny decorative elements. It also cannot handle framing adjustments of 3:2 RAWs. OV2 can do this and I use it frequently.

Two things are good about LR, though: Speed and noise control.



Not that it matters much, but the organisation of files in lr will exactly mimic your instructions, so if the system is rubbish you need to change what you tell it to do.

And the decorations (that mark the end of menus) or user selectable and can be turned off

LR will however not use parts of the images that have been discarded which is a bit sad, a normal crop would be better.

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