Simple tool to improve X10 RAF processing in RPP

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Simple tool to improve X10 RAF processing in RPP

As we all know many RAW converters takes only one half of EXR sensor's sensels. Other half of sensels just ignores because locates in separate area of RAF file. For example such popular converters as RPP or Raw Therapee exactly process only half pixels amount. Roughly speaking these converters take only odd sensels form exr sensor.

Practically, it means that only 1/2 of sensor area uses, result 6mp image looks not too good, it quite noisy and "uneven".

I have developed a simple console Win32 tool to pre-process original .raf file by applying a software binning. Since sensels of same color are grouped in pairs at exr sensor, these pairs can be joined to one value very easy and effective by simple averaging procedure. So the tool takes same-color neighbour sensels locates in different halves of raf, performs averaging and stores a result back to both halves of raf. In result each half of raf file now contains "true-reduced" 6mp image instead only half of 12mp frame. So next time when RPP open such file we will get more smooth and much less noisy picture. By my private opinion noise reduction achieves at least 1 stop "absolutely for free".

Of course, this way is not so good as ability to have true 12mp, but at least it is the way to get "good" 6mp image instead "bad" 6mp.

The tool can be downloaded by this link:

usage is trivial:

x10binning.exe <someraw.raf>

The tool does not change original raf but generated new file named like DSCF0264.RAF.binned.raf

The tool can be assigned as "Open with..."  explorer application to convert any necessary .raf by one click.

NOTE. The tool will most likely useless or even bad for raw converters which tries to use both halves of raf (ACR, LR, silkypix)

Hope this tool will helpful for somebody

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