X10 - Noisy Pictures after Sensor replacement

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Re: X10 - Noisy Pictures after Sensor replacement

Replacement cameras has mainly been a North America thing, whereas repair/sensor swap has been common in Europe - the reasoning behind this is unknown (at least to me).

I experienced the same scenarios as the original poster, with excessive noise at ISO 100 and DR 400 after having the sensor swapped. This was recognised by Fujifilm and the camera was returned for "parameter adjustment". The very same camera was returned now performing as good as (or even better than) before the sensor swap. Fujifilm apologized and indicated that the UK service centre appeared to have been in a rush. Other European X10 customer have similar stories.

Doshi, you might want post a few examples to have them scrutinized by the collective "expertise" of this forum. We are here for you...

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